Fully Amortized 1st TD - Stockton SFR

Fully Amortized 1st TD - Stockton SFR

Property Address

2603 N. F Street, Stockton, CA 95205
  • Loan Number: 7564
  • County: San Joaquin
  • Appraised Value: $65,000.00
  • Loan Amount: $45,000.00
  • Loan Position: 1st
  • Interest: 11%
  • LTV (Loan to Value): 69%
  • Term: 60 Months

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LOAN: #7564
SUBJECT PROPERTY: 2603 N. F Street, Stockton, CA 95205 
2-bed/1-bath SFR; 1096 sq ft on a 7841 sq ft lot
LOAN AMOUNT: $45,000.00
TERM: 60 mos (fully amortized)
LTV: 69%

There is a late charge of 10% of the payment (after 10 days)
There is no prepayment penalty on this loan
This loan is fully amortized

SPECIFICS:  Our borrowers (a married couple) are refinancing their matured partially-amortized loan into this new, fully amortized loan. At the end of the loan term the loan will be paid in full, with no additional or balloon payment required. The borrowers own several investment properties in the Stockton area; this property is rented for $950 per mo.